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PostSubject: The Rules -READ BEFORE POSTING-   Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:55 am

Madotsuki Poniko Uboa Masada Toriningen Monoko Monoe
Spamming- Spamming is when you post a message that has no meaning and/or does not contribute to the conversation, and is against the rules. If a staff member deems a post as spam, it will get deleted. Continuing to spam messages will result in a warn or a ban.

Harassment- Actions such as flaming ('attacking' a user), trolling (disrespecting a member for fun) or any sort of discrimination is against the rules. You will be given a warning if you harass another member, and banned if it continues.

Cursing- Cursing and swearing is allowed, but only to emphasize a phrase - not to disrespect another member with. If a staff member sees you swearing in a disrespectful way, they will take action.

Advertising- You must not use posts merely to advertise a website unless it contributes to the conversation in some way. A staff member will remove the post, and will warn you if you continue.

Offensive content: Discrimination, pornographic material, messages of hatred against a group of people and gory content are not allowed. A staff member may ban you if they see you do this.

Follow these guidelines and you'll be fine, though!
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