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 oreko glitch?

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laugh until you choke

laugh until you choke

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oreko glitch? Empty
PostSubject: oreko glitch?   oreko glitch? EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 8:56 pm

oreko glitch? Tumblr_lnyjcjlWkM1qmy201o1_400
just gonna copypaste my description from DA because TOO LAZY TO TELL STORY AGAIN
and i shit you not, this really happened :I

this was awhile back, when i was having trouble downloading .flow. one of the versions i downloaded, that ended up crashing horribly and forcing me to uninstall fuckin’ everything and was a major pain in the ass, BUT I DIGRESS. In one of the versions, it was very glitchy. the music lagged, and sometimes sabi just stopped moving and i would have to restart. while playing the game, i came upon the little area where oreko lives. this was my first time playing the game mind you, and oreko was wandering around a bit away from her lab. not knowing who she was, and for the hell of it, i piped her.
two things happened simultaneously. first, the usual little ‘scream’ NPCs make when hit played, and then her little sprite flashed to transparent, as normal NPCs do when hit. but then, her sprite flashed back to opaque-ness, then back to transparentness, then back again, and her little sprite was just frozen there. the game didn’t even recognize her, i could walk through her, but when i tried to pipe her again, the little NPC ‘scream’ went off again and her sprite flickered. but she was still frozen there.
i know it’s kind of silly, because it’s just a game, but i felt an enormous amount of guilt along with the action. i felt like she was suspended there, suffering. it made me feel like a horrible person to subject her to that kind of pain. but also it was really unsettling, and even now, whenever i go to that area on my new /working/ download of .flow, i still feel chills.

anybody else run into that glitch on any malfunctioning-versions of .flow?
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oreko glitch?
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