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 Yume 2kki English Download?

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PostSubject: Yume 2kki English Download?   Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:54 pm

Is there an English version of Yume 2kki available for download? As much as I would love to play the game I really don' t want to be unable to read anything nor do I wish to go through all the stuff I've been told I'd have to do just to be able to get the Japnese game working.
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PostSubject: Re: Yume 2kki English Download?   Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:33 am

nope, there are no up-to-date english versions that i know of.
if someone does eventually make an english version of 2kki i'll be sure to let you know!

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Yume 2kki English Download?
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