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 The Looking Glass Help

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The Looking Glass Help Empty
PostSubject: The Looking Glass Help   The Looking Glass Help EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 5:38 pm

So, I downloaded a fangame called The Looking Glass awhile ago, but removed it from my computer because I couldn't figure much out. I found some Yeti guy and he gave me a Yeti effect, and I think I found the Panda effect but it wouldn't let me get it for some reason. I think I also found a weird, blood-filled mansion, the skate effect, and that effect that makes you all rainbow-y. So, do you think you guy's could post some directions for effects or interesting places or characters? I think I saw some fanart of someone named Faceless, and I saw some zombie-ish girl in the game files. If I can get enough replies for help on how to find things, I might consider re-downloading, because it was fun. I thought that animation where Irene steps through the mirror to get to her other world was so cute!
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The Looking Glass Help
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