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 The Maid's Fan Name

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The Maid's Fan Name Empty
PostSubject: The Maid's Fan Name   The Maid's Fan Name EmptyTue Nov 08, 2011 5:42 pm

I was just wondering what we should call the Maid, since I've heard so many different names. Gas Mask Maid, Meido, Cleaner, and Saurtsuki are the ones I can remember. What do you call her? And, on another note- what does "Saur" mean? "Mado" means "Window", "Sabi" means "Rust", and the "Tsuki", while it normally means "Moon", means "ed"(Madotsuki = Windowed, Sabitsuki = Rusted), so what does Saurtsuki mean?
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The Maid's Fan Name
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