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 Fangame Installation Help

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Fangame Installation Help Empty
PostSubject: Fangame Installation Help   Fangame Installation Help EmptyWed Jun 15, 2011 6:41 am

If you are new to fangames then first things first, change your system unicode.
1) Install this
2) Go to Control Panel > Regional And Language Options > Advanced and change to Japanese

You will also need the RPG Maker RTP

Now to actually run the game, most games don't come with it, but you will need to Locale as Japanese this RPG_RT.exe in the game files. Here's the download.

Sometimes RPG Maker can be a bit annoying if all this above fails. Some easy fixes include missing the Vehicle.png file in the Charset. You can get that here
Other times you may need to open RPG_RT.ini in notepad and add the additional line: FullPackageFlag=1

Here's a video of the first few steps
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Fangame Installation Help
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